Falls are Game Changers for Older Adults


This is such important information for family caregivers. To put it bluntly, a fall for a frail loved one can signal the beginning of the end. Both my mother and father experienced falls as their health situations declined. Learn more and tips on preventing falls from Kay Bransford.

via Falls are Game Changers for Older Adults


August 9, 2019 · 8:50 pm

2 responses to “Falls are Game Changers for Older Adults

  1. This is how my reasonably healthy mother-in-law died. She fell and broke her neck! It was fixable, which they did with surgery, but her body wasn’t strong enough. She got all kinds of infections while in the hospital and couldn’t fight them off. 😞

    • Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. True, the care that a fall requires can trigger a series of events that can claim the life of someone who was otherwise fairly healthy.

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