Dementia and Dinner — When Dementia Knocks

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What we eat, and how we eat says a lot about who we are. If a loved one forgets to eat, add meals because they forgot they already ate, or start altering foods in strange ways, that may be a sign that it’s time to visit the doctor. In her recent blog post, Dr. Elaine Eshbaugh discusses common ways that dementia can alter a person’s dietary routine.

With my father, it meant he had an increased appetite, but sometimes forgot how to use utensils. Near the end of his life, he forgot how to swallow, which is a more complex action than people are aware of.

We eat to live. But food is more than fuel. Food has strong ties to family rituals, celebrations, and emotions. Food is love. I’m thinking of a time, over 15 years ago, when my long-term boyfriend dumped me like a bad habit. Food started arriving in the mail. My mom send Red Vines licorice. My […]

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February 1, 2020 · 10:06 am

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