Reminders of Dad

Holidays are always tough for those who have recently lost a loved one. My dad was not big on holidays, so it should in theory be easier for me, because there weren’t a lot of sentimental memories tied to holidays spent with my dad.

But Hallmark and company make sure to capitalize on every holiday, including Father’s Day. Every time I go to the grocery store, I’m bombarded by the Father’s Day display and the cards with boats and tools and sports on them. It made me wince, which surprised me, because the commercialization of holidays annoys me. It just made me think that this year, I won’t have to struggle with picking out a Father’s Day card. It was always a pain, because Dad was not a fisherman, or a mechanic or a sports guy. He was just Dad. I usually ended up picking out some nature scene, and all I did was sign it. I never wrote a meaningful message in any card I sent Dad. I regret that now, but at the time, it would have seemed awkward because we did not have a close-knit relationship.

Maybe I will still buy Dad a card this year, and write the message I should have written all of those years ago when he was alive and dementia-free.


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2 responses to “Reminders of Dad

  1. What a touching post…thank-you for sharing.

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