Trying to escape old age

Like a lot of people, my parents had their daily regimen of vitamins. As far back as I can remember, there was a tiny cup of various capsules, some hard and chalky, others clear and filled with liquid. As a child, the colors and textures fascinated me. My parents were pretty lucky in that they were not dealing with any chronic diseases that required daily medication. These were simply supplements, vitamins and cod liver oil and whatever else my mom read was good for you. Dad had a thing about choking, and he would balk at the horse pills Mom would offer up sometimes. He would demand the ones that were coated in something smooth. He also would complain about the fragrant belches that were a side effect of the garlic capsules.

As for me, I had one tiny chewable vitamin each day to take. My favorites were the Flintstones and the Bugs Bunny varieties. I can still remember the distinct taste those vitamins had, kind of like a sweet tart with a mineral aftertaste.

Who knows if those handful of pills my parents swallowed daily did any good. Perhaps they helped keep my dad alive all the way to 79 years of age, even if his mind failed him the last few years. It is pretty impressive he dodged both cancer and heart issues despite his almost lifelong smoking habit.

Mom still has nice skin, is at a healthy weight and only takes medication now once a week for her osteoporosis. Perhaps the supplements have kept her healthy for the most part as well?

I’m on the fence about all of those supplements. Plus, just like Dad, I’m not a big fan of swallowing pills. I do take acidophilus pills daily and a multivitamin when I remember. And funny enough, I take an allergen-free gummy vitamin, because it’s easier for me to digest. So it’s like I’m a kid all over again.

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