A ride to remember

With summer fast approaching, there’s so much talk about the latest amusement park attractions. I’ve written before about our Disneyland experience. When I was a bit older, probably a pre-teen, we went to Knott’s Berry Farm.

A retro look at the Log Ride from the 1970’s. Photo credit: Stevek at wdwmagic.com

The Log Ride was the hit of the day. Well, at least for Dad and I. Mom was not a fan of the big dip (actually, I think she was worried about getting wet and her makeup running!) I am not a roller coaster fan and Dad never showed much interest in amusement park rides of any kind. But for whatever reason, the stars aligned right that day and Dad and I had a great time together on The Log Ride. We went back a few times, enduring long lines just for the thrill.

As I got older, I experienced less and less special moments like this with my dad. Who would have thought that a silly amusement park ride could still bring a smile to my face after all of this time.

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