A town missing my parents

Today, I went back to Ruidoso, NM, the town my parents retired to, so I could take care of some business matters. Dad was last alive (barely) in Ruidoso in November 2011. He was very sick by then and unaware of his surroundings.

Mom has not been in Ruidoso since her birthday, July 6th. We do not know yet when (or if) she will be able to come home. It was so odd going through the town without one of my parents being there. I walked the same paths they walked hundreds of times, and talked to people who remembered them well and were eager to send best wishes and prayers my mother’s way.

Ruidoso is a small, friendly community and my parents were well-liked though they kept to themselves mostly. I didn’t like being the bearer of bad news today, but the genuine concern was rewarding, and I was able to pass along that love to my mom tonight when I visited her at the nursing home.

Positive thoughts may not be the ultimate cure, but they can’t hurt.

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