Trying to correct past wrongs

As I’ve written about before, I have guilt about not visiting Dad in the last few weeks of his life on this earth. Dad didn’t recognize me at that point, but I would have benefited from spending time with him that final December of his life.

Today, I quit my decent-paying job so that I can go stay with Mom in New Mexico and help her until she is more independent. I may be there a month or six months, I just don’t know now.

I am not the type to quit a job on a lark. This was a difficult decision, but a necessary one.

And I hope that I have reset my karma after the last month and a half, and the sacrifice I’m making going forward. My mom deserves it, just like Dad did, but now I have one last chance to do things right.


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2 responses to “Trying to correct past wrongs

  1. The guilty will suffocate it if we let it. That said, I know these next few weeks or months or however long you spend with your mom will be some of the most meaningful in your life and hers. I hope everything works out great for you! Jane

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