Dad as an activist

I’ve come across more newspaper article clippings while going through some of Dad’s belongings. I was aware of a few of his “letters to the editor” submissions, but I had no idea his opinions were published on such a wide variety of topics. I’ll post the ones I found soon.

He also received personal responses from book authors who were writing about the Irish troubles. I wish I had a copy of the original letter Dad sent; the authors were very polite but indicated they would have to “agree to disagree.”

Dad did have a love of his homeland and of history in general, especially the issue of immigration. He may have been a blue-collar kind of guy, but he could have easily earned a college degree if he had had the opportunity.

I picture him penning these letters, some bitter, some reflective, over a beer at the end of a long night of work, or perhaps before work over a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.

Dad clearly wanted his voice to be heard, and I’m glad he was given a public opportunity to do so.

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