The kindness of virtual strangers

Today, one of the drivers of the local transit system went to visit my mom in the nursing home. It was a very kind gesture (he even brought flowers!)

Jorge is one of my mom’s favorite drivers and he also helped her out when her power was turned off. The kindness of (virtual) strangers is so refreshing in this day and age. Jorge and my mom are culturally worlds apart. (Though in an interesting twist, since she’s become ill, she can actually pronounce his name correctly. Before that, she butchered it, including “Hay-Ho.”)

Yet when he found he had business to do in Roswell, he went out of his way to see my mom in the nursing home. He set with her at lunch and kept her company. The visit made her day.

I think back to Dad, and the librarians, and other locals who kept track of him and helped him as he descended into dementia.

With so much evil and despair reported in the news, sometimes it is easy to forget that simple acts of kindness do continue to exist in this world.

Thank you Jorge. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Angels, all. 🙂 Jane

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