The journey of a loved one’s ‘hard-earned’ earnings

Today we finally received a check for the funds in one of my dad’s bank accounts. It’s not a huge sum, but certainly it is very useful right now as Mom struggles with her own illness and growing medical bills.

The funds were from Dad’s IRA accounts, opened up when I was just a little girl in California. All of those long, tedious hours Dad worked as a freight checker for a trucking company finally have reached their zenith. Little by little, he faithfully placed funds out of each paycheck into these accounts. And now that financial symbol of all of his hard works rests in my Mom’s hands.

From Dad’s hands to our mailbox, the legacy of a lifetime of work is typed onto a piece of paper, to transform into additional numbers in my mom’s bank account. Of course, Dad being a faithful breadwinner means much more to me than a check. It was how he expressed his love for his family.

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