Awkward Halloween drive to school

I remember one year while I was in junior high, I decided to dress up as a punk rocker for Halloween. It was a very common costume for that era. It didn’t require much. Some torn clothes, a sprinkling of tacky jewelry and a can of spray paint designed for use on the hair, and you were ready to go. I was always shy about dressing up as anything too weird for Halloween. This was a good compromise.

I’m sure to Dad, I might as well have been dressed up as a space alien. I’m sure he had no understanding of the punk rock movement, as he was more of a Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby kind of guy. I remember him looking at me quite oddly as he got in the car to drive me to school. Mom thought it was fun and colorful. Dad just thought it was nuts!

I was relieved to be able to walk back home from school that Dad, so I could dodge Dad’s critical eye. After that year, I had pretty much grown out of dressing up for Halloween. I don’t remember ever putting on another Halloween costume.

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