Trying to track down a slip of paper

My mom is trying to get one of Dad’s pensions. This one is from his brief work history in England. We must send them a certified copy of my parents’ marriage certificate in order for the government to release the funds. It’s only a $100 a month, but Mom has become obsessed with getting it.

It seemed like a simple enough of a request. Until I started looking for it.

My parents were married in Mexico in 1971. Mom had this mysterious document that appeared to be a receipt for a marriage license. But it was unclear if this was the real marriage certificate. It was all Mom had, so we sent England a copy of that.

Not good enough. They still want what they originally requested.

And that’s where the real fun began. I figured I could easily find resources online, but even though I consider myself quite adept at Internet research, I found information to be spotty at best. I finally found an address that I hope is correct. I’m now awaiting a response (fingers crossed.)

I find it interesting that two people could be together 40 years and go through hell for those last few years and we have to track down an elusive slip of paper to prove it to the world. Death comes with plenty of red tape, that’s for sure.

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