A bowl of lollipops

As I mentioned yesterday, the little things often are triggers for memories of loved ones who have passed on. Today, while at a local business, a clear bowl of Dum Dum lollipops caught my eye.

Dum Dums are a popular, cheap treat offered at many local businesses. I remember going to the bank with my dad as a kid and choosing one of these pops. (Grape was my favorite flavor.)

Logo courtesy of Spangler.

Dad used to take two when he went to the bank in Ruidoso. One for him, one for Mom. But later on, when the dementia started creeping into his mind, he would stand next to Mom (who had to take over the banking duties at that point) and place his restless hands in the bowl of lollipops, not remembering their purpose or his previous enjoyment of the candy.

It’s fascinating the way memories form and the triggers that make them float back into our minds.

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