Reflections on New Year’s Eve

Dad was not the type to celebrate on New Year’s Eve. In fact, he would usually sink into a brooding mood. He would sit quietly, sipping his spiked egg nog while the countdown to the ball dropping at Times Square would be blaring on the TV. I’m not sure what brought on those dark moods. Perhaps Dad was disappointed in where he was in life? Did he think about and miss friends and family members who had departed this world?

I will never know the answer, but I am the type to wax nostalgic about the past year. With the year I’ve had, it would certainly be easy to brood the night away.


But instead, I am trying to focus on the lessons learned during this difficult year. I am also looking forward to another year, and what I hope are new career opportunities that I have just started to get off the ground.

It’s not easy for me to try to look on the bright side, as I’m the eternal pessimist. But one can only take so much bad news. I hope I’ve fufilled my quota for awhile.

2013 doesn’t necessarily suggest lucky times, if you are the superstitious type. I’m not asking for 2013 to be amazing. I will settle for quiet and uneventful. Here’s to 2013 being the most boring year ever!

I’m wishing everyone a happy and healthy new year.

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