Sexual Behaviors in an Assisted Living Facility

This is an important topic that no adult child wants to have to deal with but it is simply human nature at work.

Let's Talk About Family

Yesterday I wrote about how dad got in trouble over the weekend by shouting and cursing at his medical aide when she told him he could not make out with his lady friend on the sofa in the lounge.

This morning I went to the Assisted Living Facility (ALF) to visit with dad and to talk to the administrators about what I had been told was an “incident”.   I had an interesting reaction in that no one was concerned about it (except the medical aide).

When I came in the door, dad was at an activity.  I took the time to go to his room and drop off some snacks for him in his refrigerator.  Then I went to the main lobby to talk to the nurse/social worker.

I asked what the response was to be for the incident that occurred over the weekend.  She said she really didn’t know…

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