Live and Let Die

Assisted suicide is a controversial topic and when discussing it from a dementia perspective, the issue becomes even more complex, both legally and morally. I appreciate Living with Dementia opening the discussion on their blog.

Living with Dementia

The subject of this post may not be suitable for some readers, and could be hard reading. It is regarding assisted suicide so please do not read if you feel it may make you uncomfortable. I however have decided to write about this tricky subject in the best way I can as I do think we should talk about it, it’s implications and whether for some, it may be the best way.

This was a post I wanted to write some time ago after reading a news article about Melvyn Bragg. For those of you who have not read it Melvyn had watched his mother struggle with dementia up until her death.

This prompted him to insist on the right for assisted suicide (for those with dementia). The article also calls on Sir Terry Pratchett, who was diagnosed with dementia when he was 57. He also agrees that assisted suicide…

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