Spreading awareness through the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry

Recently, my family’s story was featured on the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative website. The newly revamped website features a “Read Our Stories” section highlighting Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry members and why they agreed to join. I’ve written before about this cause, so I won’t go over all of the details again, except to say this organization is building a large pool of people interested in finding a cure or effective treatment for Alzheimer’s. The more people signed up for the Registry, the more available people for future studies on Alzheimer’s disease.

Dad and I at the assisted living facility, March 2011.

Dad and I at the assisted living facility, March 2011.

While The Memories Project began as a way to honor my father and raise awareness for Alzheimer’s disease, with my mom’s subsequent battle with cancer, my focus has expanded to the role of caregivers and how caregiving can take a toll on one’s mental and physical health. Each of us with our blogs is helping spread awareness of these issues in our own way, sometimes with humor, sometimes with anger, sometimes with sadness. I am proud to be part of a virtual community of fighters and preservers of dignity for their loved ones. Keep up the good fight!

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