Bringing cheer to loved ones who are ill

And now for a shameless plug. I submitted a story about taking care of my mom when she was in the hospital to an online callout from an author. My story was accepted and the book has been released. The book’s title is “101 Awesome Things to Do for Someone Who’s Sick” by Elaine Wilkes, PhD. It’s a collection of sweet, fun or thoughtful things you can do for someone who is ill. The Kindle edition of the book is only 99 cents through 10.22.13.


My entry is titled “Find Something to Entertain Them” and it’s on page 217-218. It’s about the joy that a talking parrot toy brought my mom while she was recovering from cancer surgery last year. As I’ve written before, Polly the Parrot also brightened up my Dad’s spirit while he battled Alzheimer’s.

I don’t make any profit from the book but I just want to pass the info along because I think it might be of interest to those who follow this blog. It would also make an ideal gift for a caregiver. I haven’t had the chance to read through all of the ideas yet, but so far I have been amazed by people’s kind-hearted gestures.

I would love to hear the kind gestures you have performed for a loved one who is ill!


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3 responses to “Bringing cheer to loved ones who are ill

  1. First of all, congratulations! How exciting to be published! In terms of an idea for cheering people up, I would like to offer something my cousin did every year this week while my Mom was in the nursing home. He took his little boy, dressed in his Halloween costume, to visit my Mother. AND with permission of the head nurse, my cousin handed out candy to the patients…and his son then went room to room trick or treating! So the old folks got to see this darling little boy, and participate in Halloween. I thought it was such a lovely idea…a great way to brighten everyone’s day (and he could control amount of goodies his son collected!).
    Happy Halloween, Hallie

    • Thanks! I love the idea of children dressing up for Halloween and visiting their loved ones in the nursing home. Cheers up the residents and could make nursing homes less scary or depressing for kids.

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