Voices of the Sandwich Generation Dementia has Fueled

Check out this Huffington Post interview with three women in the sandwich generation that are providing care for parents with dementia. They do a great job at explaining the challenges we all face as caregivers.

Dealing with Dementia

huffpost I was interviewed by Nancy Redd with Huffington Post who did a story on  Parents Who Care For Parents With Alzheimer’s . She interviewed three of us, all at different stages with parents who have dementia and all with children.

You can watch the video interview and hear from:

  • Kathy Ritchie @MyDementedMom (Phoenix, AZ) Blogger at My Demented Mom; Writer. Kathy has a toddler.
  • Kay Bransford @kay_bransford (McLean, VA) Blogger at Dealing With Dementia; Chief Curator at MemoryBanc. I have an 11 and 16-year-old.
  • Susan Poulos (Greensboro, NC) Caring for Mother with Alzheimer’s; Freelance Writer. Susan’s boys are now considered adults.

It was interesting to hear the stories and I hope you will watch. Shared. 

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