Walking as an intervention for Wandering!

Wandering is one of the more terrifying aspects of dementia. This is a simple method that could be used to reduce wandering episodes at home and in facility settings. My dad was a walker for sure!

walking groupThe following is part of an assignment I completed for the University of Wollongong Masters of Science in Dementia Care degree I graduated in last year, and highlights how allowing residents in aged care to walk regularly, can positively impact their life, as well as reduce what others see as ‘challenging behaviours’!

Specifically, we were asked to use the BEET tool workbook (this tool allows clarification of the question behind the issue, idea or problem, including behaviours of concern, by ascertaining the reasons for seeking engagement and change, evaluating the evidence, identifying who else we need to engage with and describes a process by which everyone concerned can meaningfully engage in partnership. In this way, it strives to be person centred, as it is inclusive of the client or resident.

The structure of the BEET tool is designed to allow clarity around the issue, to involve all stakeholders, to be…

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