Coming home to an empty house

I am at my parents’ condo (guess I should start calling it my condo) for another round of tasks that come with inheriting property.

Just when I thought I was done being a caregiver, now I get to tend house!

I admit I had greater trepidation than I thought I would have regarding the return home. It’s not the first time I’m coming home to an empty house; I stayed here by myself when Mom was recovering from cancer in 2012.

Still, this time, the loss of my mother’s presence here is final, even though as I was stripping the bed and preparing it for donation my mother’s perfume filled the room.


Guess part of Mom still waited for my arrival.

If you’ve had to deal with property after a loved one’s death, please share your experiences.


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4 responses to “Coming home to an empty house

  1. Oh, my heart hurts with you. I’ll bet the smell of her perfume was bittersweet. I’ve never had to do that yet. I helped my mom and dad clean out their parents house (my grandparents whom I was close with), but the main responsibility did not fall on me.

    I don’t know your circumstance. Didn’t your mom live far from you? Are you living there now, or just working on arrangements?

  2. It is the small possessions that are difficult. I still seem to have a lot of my mother’s stuff in the house, 8 months after her death and 20 months since she moved from my house to the nursing home.

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