The Day I’ll Finally Stop Grieving

This is not an easy read, and if you are looking for uplifting, then move along. But for me, where I am in the grieving process, this really hit home. I agree with the author that grief does not have an expiration date. That doesn’t mean that we don’t or shouldn’t go on and lead a productive life, just that our love for those gone will always be a part of us.

Source: The Day I’ll Finally Stop Grieving


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2 responses to “The Day I’ll Finally Stop Grieving

  1. I have had people slam their fist down on a counter top and say, get over it. I can’t , at least not yet . Oh yes I have more good days then bad since that day, March 24th 2014, but something happened to me. It feels like most of my spirit has been ripped out of my heart . I feel like an orphan, now that my parents and brother are gone. Will I heal completely ? I doubt it. Can I function ? Yes . Did it change me forever ? Yes

  2. Thanks for sharing this, Joy. We just got back from a weekend away with family at my father-in-law’s memorial service. This was good timing for me.

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