A super-sweet Christmas memory

chocolate cherries

When I reflect upon childhood Christmas memories, I can’t help but think about candy. I always looked forward to the candy-filled candy cane Santa (Mom) would place on my door for me to find Christmas morning. Sometimes it was filled with gold foil wrapped chocolate coins, other times it was M&Ms. I also was fond of the mixed assortment found in holiday-themed boxes of chocolate, like Whitman’s. My favorite holiday candy were the petit fours Mom ordered from a catalog. They were like mini cakes, who could resist?

My mom’s favorite Christmas candy by far were chocolate-covered cherries. Though typically a milk chocolate fan, she preferred the dark chocolate-covered cherries. I remember as a kid sifting through the Queen Anne boxes, looking for one of the elusive dark chocolate varieties. Mom would be over the moon if we found the dark variety.

Back then, your choices were milk or dark. Over the years, the Queen Anne company has introduced some additional flavors, including the one I purchased above, black cherry cola. The clerk at the store said he was a fan of the black cherry flavor, bragging he could eat a whole box in one setting. Yikes!

I could only manage two because they are super-sweet. They do capture the cherry cola taste pretty well, and it’s a unique indulgence for the holiday season. I’m not sure if Mom would approve of this nontraditional flavor, but at least I’m carrying on the holiday candy tradition.

Does your family have a favorite holiday candy?


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6 responses to “A super-sweet Christmas memory

  1. Sweet treats from back then bring the memories flooding in as if we’ve been transported in time. Your mom may have liked to try something different, but likely would’ve gone back to her usual. Glad your continuing the tradition, even though it’s a different flavor. Sounds good.

    I liked milk chocolate as a kid, but as an adult, I can only stomach dark chocolate . . . and way too much of it.

    I don’t know about candy, but my grandma made a desert that was very much like candy every year. I posted it on my blog before, called Church Windows. That was my favorite (made with semi-sweet choc chips).

  2. We like those little red-and-white-striped, barrel-shaped mints that only surface come Christmas, the ones that have kind of a powdery texture to them. But we have to be careful—we don’t want any Christmas cavities!

  3. Giovanni Carlo

    I remember when we were just kids we hang up our socks in the Christmas tree and when we wake up it was filled with candies the candies are just our local cheap candies I remember one cany was called bobot it was a peanut wrap with colored sugar just like m&m but inside is a peanut not a chocolate We really thought it was Santa who did it but later when we grow we realized it was just mom. I missed my childhood each time its Christmas season. That is why my favorite time of the year is Christmas

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