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Trial participation so important in Alzheimer’s battle

I spoke this week to a representative of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative. I’ve mentioned them before. They are one of many organizations waging battle against Alzheimer’s, with an emphasis on research. The Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry is focused on building up a database of willing participants for clinical trials they hope to begin in 2014.They hope to grow their database to 250,000 participants.

Why such a large number? As I learned the other day, it can be so difficult to fill a trial with people when such specific criteria is required. The bigger the pool of participants to choose from, the better chance these trials have of being filled with the best matches and seeing completion.

It is simple to sign up online. You are under no obligation whatsoever to participate in any trials or any of the organization’s activities. You will not be bombarded by emails, but you can receive updates on how current research is going in the area of prevention and treating Alzheimer’s. If you are willing to share your personal story, there is an option for that, which is why I was sharing my story with the representative the other day.


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