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Dad helping out with baby duties

From what Mom has told me, Dad was always willing to help out with the multitude of chores that comes with having a baby. Still, Mom did the bulk of the work, and I’m guessing Dad didn’t have to change my diaper very often. He apparently liked to give me my bottle in the morning, and of course, he loved to sing me to sleep. My mom says I adjusted to their schedule pretty well, so perhaps it paid off that Dad was never one of those 9-5 office types. My parents were already used to being awake until the wee hours of the morning.

Dad desperately trying to feed me.

Poor Dad, trying to feed me in this photo. Clearly, I have no desire to cooperate. I guess he should have stuck to singing lullabies and making Donald Duck imitations, and left the clean-and-feed operations to Mom. I’m sure he was hoping Mom would ask him to go on a diaper run or some other errand to get him out of this failed mission.

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