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Big warm hands

Mom is recovering in an amazing fashion from her major surgery on Friday. She’s still in the hospital, but may be released back home as soon as tomorrow!

Today Dad was weighing heavily on her mind. She began to weep as she talked about how she still missed him, the way he was before Alzheimer’s took hold of him


She mentioned that one of the first things that she remembered about Dad was his big, warm hands. She remembered when they were courting and holding his big, strong, warm hand and feeling comforted.

She remembers dating other guys when she was younger who had cold, rough hands and that was such a turn-off to her. But Dad was a winner because not only were his hands big and warm, but they were soft, despite decades spent as a manual laborer.

It’s interesting what we remember most of the people we love. It’s not always what one would expect, but it is sweet just the same.

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Dad jealous of another man

Mom told me a funny story about Dad’s Irish temper and latent jealous tendencies that I never heard about before. Mom had bought a bottle of Jovan White Musk and sprayed a bit on before heading to the grocery store. A fellow shopper, who also happened to be a fellow, caught wind of the enticing scent. He approached Mom and asked her what kind of perfume she was wearing. Sounds like a typical pickup line, right?

Turns out he just wanted to get a gift for his girlfriend, who emerged from around another aisle. The man asked his girlfriend if she would like him to buy her a bottle of this perfume. She took a whiff and said yes. The guy prodded Mom on where to buy it and went on his way.

Mom told the story to Dad who was none too pleased about another man telling his wife she smelled nice! I never knew Dad to be the jealous type so it was kind of a sweet and funny story to hear.

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