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Dad’s love of ghost stories

Halloween is in the air. Decorations are everywhere, even in the bank where my Dad once had his accounts.

Dad wasn’t big on the Hallmark version of Halloween. He was never a big fan of candy and he was easily bored with the trick-or-treating and other kid-friendly events that my parents hauled me around to as a kid.

Dad did enjoy a good old-fashioned ghost story. Despite his penchant for vivid nightmares and his own encounter with a violent ghost in a hotel, he enjoyed the spooky adventures told by others. He loved to retell famous ghost stories as well, where he could show off his acting skills that he was never able to develop into a professional career.

To this day, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love scary stories and movies, and yes, I have a sweet tooth!

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How I became a horror movie fan

As protective as my parents could be (especially Mom), they didn’t always think things through clearly. Like it wasn’t probably a great idea to take a five-year-old to see “The Amityville Horror.”

It’s a wonder that I ended up becoming a huge horror movie fan. I could have easily been scarred for life! Sure, watching the movie as an adult I can appreciate the cheese factor, but as a kindergartner, walls that bled were the stuff made of nightmares. Of course, I had an interesting viewpoint, as my mom’s hand came down to cover my eyes every time a “scary” scene appeared. Still, there was the spooky music score to contend with.

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I’m guessing my parents didn’t bother to read the reviews or maybe the babysitter cancelled at the last minute, but I will always remember sitting shellshocked in the backseat of the car after the movie, trying to pretend I wasn’t scared out of my mind while my mom explained to me that the movie was just make-believe. She was right in more ways than one, as the “true” story of the haunted house in Amityville was debunked.

Dad didn’t have a problem with horror movies, even though he could have terrible nightmares. But he was definitely not a fan of “The Amityville Horror.” Why? He didn’t like how the priest and nun were depicted in the film!

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