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Waiting room blues

Mom had to go have a test done today, prep for her upcoming oncology consultation. I wasn’t allowed to go back with Mom for the procedure, so I set in the waiting room. There was a lot of tension in the room. There was an elderly woman anxious for her mammogram to be done. Another mother-daughter combo who I believe also were there for a cancer screening. There were grim looks on many faces, sick people resigned to undergo tests that could in part, decide their fate. You want to know, but then again, ignorance (and/or denial) is bliss.

There were also people awaiting routine screening tests. I wonder how many of those people would end up being called back for suspicious test results. Hopefully none of them, but we know every day people have their worlds turned upside down by a routine test with not-so-routine results.

Mom is being a good patient by willingly going through all of these tests. I don’t think Dad would have been nearly as cooperative. He hated doctors and was bored to death in waiting rooms. And of course, when the dementia struck, certain tests would have been virtually impossible to conduct on Dad.

Maybe Dad was the lucky one, not to be spending so much time in waiting rooms and having tests done.

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