Dad’s Hollywood ad agency photo

I’ve written before about how my dad was drawn to the allure of Hollywood and hoped to get into the movies. When my mom was writing Dad’s obituary, she wanted to find the perfect photo. She went through quite a few pictures and was growing tired when she stumbled on this awesome find.

The copyright is 1956 Hollywood Ad-Photos. I don’t know if Dad got anything out of this at the time, or if it just became a cherished relic of his youthful dreams. But I’m glad we were able to have this photo recorded with his obituary, as I’m sure Dad was quite proud of it.

I have no idea what the horseshoe is about. I hope to delve a little deeper and research this service.  Was it some mail-order scam or was it a legitimate agency? Secretly, I’d love to uncover an ad with Dad’s smiling mug on it. 


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