Sacred Heart Auto League member

I found this membership card in one of Dad’s nightstand drawers, along with many other religious icons and cards. Apparently, he was a member of the Sacred Heart Auto League. I was not familiar with the organization, so I Googled it. Seems like a decent enough of a group, encouraging people to drive safely as a way to honor their religious beliefs. I think Dad lived up to the “prayerful and careful driving” that the League preached, as he always drove slowly, much to the chagrin of the fast and loose California drivers. (Some of those drivers would make hand gestures as they sped around Dad that I’m pretty sure Jesus would not approve of.)

And who knows, maybe all of those religious icons and prayers kept my parents safe as Dad’s ability to drive deteriorated when his dementia became more severe. If there was ever a time to believe in guardian angels or some type of protective spirit, it’s when you are taking care of a loved one with dementia.

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