Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Well, if there was ever a holiday for my dad, today is the day. From what I remember as a kid, Dad was somewhat suspicious of the commercialization of St. Patrick’s Day, just as some people are of Christmas. Dad was VERY sensitive of anyone making fun of the Irish, so I think the leering leprechauns posted everywhere made Dad a bit peeved. If my mom really wanted to get under his skin, then she would tell an Irish joke. No matter how benign they were (and Mom only told G-rated jokes), Dad would never laugh. That being said, I’m guessing Dad never turned down a pint of green beer, especially if someone else was buying the round.

Image: Clipartpal.com

I do remember Dad telling the fable about how St. Patrick drove the snakes out of Ireland, but as a small child, I could relate better to the goofy leprechaun on the box of Lucky Charms cereal.

When I started going to school, I loved St. Patrick’s Day, because I was usually the only person in my class who had a parent that was actually born and raised in Ireland. It made me feel special, because Ireland wasn’t just another country to me, but a magical place that my dad talked about fondly and often.

So Dad, hope they are serving pints of Guinness today on the house, wherever you are.

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