Dad worked many holidays

I was talking to my mom on Easter Sunday and she reminded me how many holidays Dad worked as I got older. When he became a security guard, he worked weekends and countless holidays, as property always needs to be protected regardless of whatever day it is on the calendar. My dad never complained about this, it was just what he had to do to support his family. Maybe he would have preferred a 9-5, Monday-Friday gig, but he was never the type to hold down a stuffy office job. He preferred working outdoors (and the automatic smoking breaks!)

Once my Dad retired and my parents moved to New Mexico, they would usually go out to eat on a holiday, nothing fancy, usually Denny’s (senior citizen discount) or Pizza Hut (where they would always order pasta, never pizza.) Still, these mundane outings gave my parents great pleasure. Now Mom, all alone for the holiday, ordered delivery from Pizza Hut. She was going to set at the dining room table and burn a candle in memory of Dad.

Old habits die hard and holidays always make one think of loved ones now gone.

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