Weekend of the unknown

It’s my first weekend as a full-time caregiver. Yikes!

To be fair, Mom is doing pretty darn well on her first full day back at home. She mostly made her meals for herself today, and is getting around the condo just fine.

On the other hand, her INR levels spiked to a somewhat disturbing level today (fun with Coumadin & blood clots) and we had another colostomy bag leakage. So yes, ups and downs, but I’m used to that by now.

But now, I get a taste of what Mom went through as caregiver to Dad for those last few years of his life. Even though my mom has lost a bit of her mental sharpness, it is so much easier to be a caregiver for someone who can and wants to follow instructions. I can only begin to imagine what Mom had to endure with Dad, who was non-compliant due to his dementia.

That’s not to say that Mom’s motor-mouth and other quirks don’t drive me a little crazy. They do. But then they always have. And that’s the key. Mom’s been through a lot physically, but she’s still Mom emotionally and mentally. With Dad, we lost him mentally more than physically at first. I think as a society we are more equipped to deal with the crumbling of the physical body versus the disintegration of the mind as we grow older.

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