A prayer for being blessed

Mom told me she says a prayer each night. It’s the last thing she does before going to sleep. It’s nothing fancy or long-winded. She simply says, “God, thank you for these blessings.”

Mom has said this prayer through much strife, including when she was Dad’s full-time caregiver as he struggled with growing dementia. On those lonely nights, that prayer may have felt hollow, as she listened for Dad getting up in the middle of the night to wander. During those long days and nights, there may have been more bleakness than blessings.

Family caregivers dealing with dementia may often feel alone and hopeless. Having to worry about someone 24/7 doesn’t leave much time for meditation or reflection.

Now Mom is struggling with her own health issues, but she continues her nightly prayer to try to keep things in perspective. For her, each day is a new struggle and a new opportunity.

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