Dad crooning at the bar

Mom told me a story on Christmas Day that I had not heard of before. I bought her a Trini Lopez CD for Christmas because that’s how she remembered her surgeon’s name (Dr. Lopez). She apparently had been a big fan of Trini Lopez back in the day.


This made her remember how when she first met Dad, they would go to a local bar and Dad would get up and sing. I can’t imagine my normally shy, reserved Dad doing any kind of karaoke, but after a few beers, I’m sure he loosened up a bit. Mom said Dad would sing slightly bawdy (maybe PG-13) songs. I’m sure he did his best Frank Sinatra-Bing Crosby impression while at the mic.

Mom didn’t say whether she found Dad’s bar singing charming, but she eventually ended up marrying him, so I guess she liked his voice well enough!

What Mom didn’t say is if she ever joined Dad on stage for a duet. Now that’s something I would love to go back in time to witness in person.

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