New Year’s TV traditions

I pulled out my DVD collection of the original “Twilight Zone” series and have spent the day watching many of my favorite episodes. When I was a kid, it was a holiday tradition in our household to watch the “Twilight Zone” marathon that ran on New Year’s Day on one of the local channels out in L.A. There was also one on July the 4th.

It was one show that my parents and I really enjoyed together. My dad of course was fond of all of the war-themed episodes. I loved the ones with children (“Living Doll” was one of my favorites) and Mom liked the nostalgic look back at a time when she was a young adult in the world. Mom and Dad also loved to see their favorite actors and actresses in so many of the episodes. All of that talk bored me as a kid, I just wanted to watch the show without all of the chatter!

They would do a countdown based upon a viewer survey of the favorite episodes. We would always try to guess what would be #1 but we would usually all be wrong.

To this day, the show remains my all-time favorite and I love the high-quality storylines and great acting. It also reminds me of the enjoyable holiday bonding time we spent together as a family.

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