Job recommendation for Dad

LinkedIn and other career-related online tools are so much a part of our professional lives now. Asking for a recommendation is as simple as sending someone an online message. But back when my father was a young man in search for work, you had to work a bit harder to get those recommendations.

I would love to know more about how Dad came to know the law office in question and what group it was that he helped with the planning of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration. St. Patty’s Day in New Orleans? Now that must have been a blast!


It is curious that the author of the letter incorrectly stated that Dad’s hometown was Dublin. I don’t know if that was deliberate or just an oversight. But his description of my father as a worker was spot on. “Able and capable” and whose “honest and integrity could be relied upon.” Yes, indeed that sums up Dad in his professional life. Even though he worked in blue collar jobs all of his life, he was always grateful for the opportunity and never thought he was too good to perform a certain task.

Like the doctor at the hospital in Albuquerque said, they don’t make them like my dad anymore.


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