Lessons learned from an Alzheimer’s caregiver

This insightful essay was posted on Maria Shriver’s website earlier this month. It is written by a neurologist who became a caregiver for his father when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. The piece outlines 10 lessons that the author learned as he helped guide his father on this journey that no one wishes to take. Most of the points are well-known to those who are Alzheimer’s caregivers, but the simplest and most obvious advice can easily get buried as you struggle to deal with the emotional impact of the disease. We all know that we need to stay positive, live in the moment, keep our sense of humor and stop sweating the small stuff. While all of that is easier said than done, the author does a good job of giving examples of how this sage advice helped his dad live the best quality of life possible, despite the grim diagnosis.


The last lesson is perhaps the most important of all but one many of us may struggle with the most: put away resentment and regret.

What lessons have you learned from being an Alzheimer’s caregiver that you think are the most important to share with others?

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