“Who helps the person that’s the helper?”

Very moving. The focus is more on professional caregivers, social workers, etc. but can still apply to any of us dealing with family trauma and grief on a long-term basis.

Caregiving With Courage

Just watched this trailer and was struck by how applicable it is to so many parts of my experience. Not only am I a part-time caregiver for a loved one, I am a social worker who listens to the heartbreaking and distressful stories of, essentially strangers, day after day.

Secondary trauma is something that, in my opinion, has not been looked at as closely or studied as in-depth as other forms of trauma, but can cause lasting effects nonetheless (if not dealt with in an appropriate manner).

There are so many topics that need to be explored more in-depth, secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, contagious stress, all of which I intend to explore more this month! Stay tuned, learn with me. I am not an expert on these topics by any means, but I will share with you my research on what these things mean for the caregiver and how to…

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