Another heart-stopping false alarm

So I finally was able to set my mom up with a personal care service, in addition to the home nurse visits. The personal care attendant was supposed to take my mom grocery shopping yesterday afternoon. Around noon, I was at work and received a call from a number that I did not recognize but with the same area code as where my mom lives.

I answered and it was the woman who runs the personal care agency. She said the attendant going to see my mom finished up a bit early with her previous call and she headed over to my mother’s house a bit early. But she knocked on the door multiple times and there was no response.

alarm bell

So of course I go into immediate panic mode in my head. Just like in those commercials, Mom’s fallen and she can’t get up!

I told the woman I would try calling her phone number and if she didn’t respond, there is a house key in a lockbox on the property.

I could feel my heart pounding with every ring on my mom’s line. Finally, Mom picked up. She sounded a little frazzled.

Turns out Mom was getting ready in the bathroom which has a loud heat vent. She couldn’t hear the knocking.

So Mom was okay, just a bit annoyed that the attendant was early … don’t mess with elderly people’s schedule! This is true also for those with dementia, any change of plans or a schedule can really upset them. It’s something many of us caregivers have learned the hard way.

It took a while for my heart rate to return to normal, but so grateful that it turned out to be a false alarm.

What kinds of false alarms have you experienced as a caregiver?

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  1. Whew! So glad your mom was okay. I know that feeling.

    This has happened to me before, trying to get in touch with my mom and there is no answer. I live 1,200 miles away, and once I even called the hospital to make sure she hadn’t been taken there. She has called for an ambulance more than once, due to her COPD and breathing issues. My brother lives near her, but is of no help at all.

    I know exactly what you mean about NOT changing their routine. My mom didn’t want to put her dad into an assisted living, because it would’ve confused the heck out of him. She kept him in his own home, which happened to be right around the block from hers. He did fine as long as his routine wasn’t changed and lived to be 96.

    We might have an opportunity to move closer to her. I’m hoping and praying it works out. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

    Good to hear your mom is okay and that you found a caregiver to come help out.

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