Saying farewell to a sweet, loving soul

nod urn old soul

This week, I had to say goodbye to Nod, my 15-year-old cat. He was such a sweet and affectionate cat, a total lap magnet. He also was one of those old soul creatures who carried an air of wisdom and deep understanding. We had an amazing bond and his absence is being painfully felt everywhere I turn.

Still, he had as good of a death as one can have. When he stopped eating over the weekend, he let me know that it was time to leave.  (He’d had a chronic GI issue over the last couple of years and fought to live as long as he could.) I made sure to spend as much quality time with him as possible until the mobile veterinarian came to the home to perform the euthanasia. Nod always ran from the doctor, who has been paying visits a lot lately to treat my dog’s ear infection. But this time, he stayed in his pet bed and locked eyes with the veterinarian as she stepped into the living room. He knew she was there for him and he didn’t flinch. He was at peace, and that did offer me some comfort.

My other cat, Rosalie, was not particularly close to Nod. They had more of a sibling rivalry relationship. She initially left the room as the veterinarian set up her equipment, but then she came back in and intently observed the procedure from a safe spot. As soon as the veterinarian checked his vitals and nodded to me that he was gone, Rosalie got up, stretched and left the room. She knew that Nod was no longer with us.

I’m always floored by just how much animals understand. We don’t give them nearly enough credit. And we could learn something from them about how they approach death.

Farewell to my sweet friend Nod, who I know will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge.


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7 responses to “Saying farewell to a sweet, loving soul

  1. Brad

    So sorry for your loss! I can see he has a wonderful spirit and definitely a wise “old soul”. Pets leave quite a void in our lives when they die!

  2. I just love those wise old animal souls. My heart goes out to you. Your description of the vet coming to your home brought me back to January with Max. We did it the same way.

    You’re so right that animals seem to understand. That story about Rosalie is pretty amazing.

    You knew just when to take the sign from Nod, and he went peacefully. I understand how the missing family member from the house is a huge reminder throughout the daily routine. May you find comfort as you grieve sweet, precious Nod.

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