Send love, share memories this Mother’s Day



Many people are wondering how to handle Mother’s Day during a pandemic. If you are fortunate enough to have a good relationship with your mother, but are intent on keeping her healthy, you may decide not to meet in person. But there are many ways you can show her love this weekend from afar. And with so many lives lost this year, reach out to your loved ones and make sure they know how much you care.

A simple phone call would mean a lot to mothers who may feel isolated right now. Bonus points if the two of you can figure out how to video chat! Sending flowers is a simple, thoughtful gift that will brighten someone’s day. Mobile dining apps means you could have brunch delivered safely to her home. If you sent your mother a card, good for you. If you forgot, you could still send an e-card or a gift card electronically, if  she has email access.

Mom me portrait

I’ve been reading about a lot of celebrations taking place in creative fashion, like a drive-by parade or holding messages up to the window. If possible, get the grandchildren involved and make it a family activity to brighten the spirits that may be strained during the stay-at-home period.

This Mother’s Day may look different than it does in a typical year, but you can still express your love and gratitude. And for those of us who no longer have our mothers, take time this weekend to reflect on happier times and cherished family memories.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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2 responses to “Send love, share memories this Mother’s Day

  1. Hi Joy. Thanks for the tips. I’m in a bit of anxiety right now. I haven’t seen my mom since we gave her a surprise 80th bday party in February (3 months now). She is locked down in her facility, and just yesterday they informed us that one of their staff members tested positive for the virus. We all freaked out (mom, bro & me). I’ve offered to have her stay with us several times, but we would have to move a lot of stuff in order for her to stay here for weeks or months. She also said she didn’t want us to have to work around each others’ routines.

    The facility said their employee had minimal contact with residents, but now my mom is scared. I don’t blame her. I feel so helpless to do anything. This lack of control is maddening.

    Didn’t mean to go on, but the anxiety has been building. Hugs to you on this upcoming Mothers Day.

    • That is a stressful situation Lori. I feel for families like yourself. Hope that your mother stays safe and that care centers will find ways to safely allow family members to visit in the near future.

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