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Dad at the diner

Here’s another one of these photos of Dad which I have no story for. I never saw this photo until I was going through Dad’s belongings after his death. I can make some guesses about the time period, but I have no idea about location or who took the photo.

I was talking to one of the librarians that knew my dad well and was giving her the update on Mom. She told me to brace myself and ask all of the questions that I want answers to now. I told her that’s exactly what I was doing, because I missed that opportunity with Dad and it is one of the things I regret the most.

The librarian still remembers Dad’s haunted hotel story after all of these years. She said she told him at the time to write it down, because it was such a good story. I assured her that I have recorded it in this blog, though I don’t have all of the details that Dad included in his version of events. I wish I had recorded that one in an audio or video file, because it is one worth hearing aloud. Alas, another missed opportunity.

Despite technology’s ability to isolate humans, I think it has also made recording memories easier, via text, photos, video and audio tools that are built right into most people’s phones and is easy for anyone to use.

Hopefully, people will be able to set aside that game of Angry Birds long enough to take advantage of these valuable resources.

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Finding the hidden gems

Dad was such a packrat. He was like that long before the Alzheimer’s, but it got much worse once the disease progressed.

A Mum’s boy!

I just went through several grocery shopping bags full of Dad’s papers. Most were thrown under the bed, hanging out with the dust bunnies. Most of it was junk mail. There were dozens of cards and letters addressed to family members that were never sent. Lots of address labels that will never be used, and old bank statements.

But tucked deep into some of that junk mail were gems. Like this photo of Dad, as a teenager, with an inscription on the back: “To the sweetest Mum a Son could have. God bless you Mother. From your Loving Son.”

If I had not been very careful and deliberate, if I had rushed and not went through ever page in those bags, gems like this photo would have been lost forever.

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