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‘The Weight of Honor’ sheds light on family caregivers of veterans

On this Veterans Day weekend, I can’t think of a better topic to discuss than the new documentary, “The Weight of Honor.”

I have been following the making of this important documentary for awhile. I donated a very nominal amount (wish it could have been more) and received a lovely thanks in the film’s credits. It’s an honor to help support this documentary, which depicts those who often remain invisible: the family caregivers of military veterans. The filmmakers followed a group of female caregivers of catastrophically wounded veterans for five years, charting their triumphs and struggles.

Caring for wounded warriors is a unique experience, as debilitating physical wounds are often accompanied by equally brutal psychic wounds. PTSD can make recovery a challenge, which means the burden on caregivers is even greater. Along with that, many military wives are young and tending to children when their wounded husband returns home, requiring constant care. The documentary doesn’t shy away from the consequences of stress and caregiver burnout, and how it can end up straining relationships.

Overall, “The Weight of Honor” displays the tremendous resiliency that these caregivers exhibit every day of their lives. A life forever changed by the violence of war, but a life that they are determined to make the best of for their families. I’m thankful that the filmmakers chose to tell their stories in such compassionate detail.

I hope you get a chance to see this film. It is available for streaming on Amazon, YouTube and other major platforms. I’d love to hear what you think about it.


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Supporting caregivers of wounded warriors

weight of honor

I’m always eager to support caregiver causes, and this upcoming documentary caught my attention.

“The Weight of Honor” is a documentary about family caregivers tending to their loved ones who were wounded while serving in the military. These caregivers, often young and caring for young children, find themselves suddenly tending to spouses who have suffered catastrophic injuries and who are dealing with PTSD.

You can watch the trailer here:

I recently watched a very moving PBS documentary, “Of Men and War,” that focused on a PTSD treatment center, the first of its kind. To hear what these men went through, and what they are battling to overcome, was gut-wrenching, but something that deserves more recognition and support.

Like many documentary filmmakers, funds are tough to come by, even for such a noble cause. Director and producer Stephanie Howard has started a crowdsourcing campaign for finishing funds for the film. If you would like to support the project, please consider a donation and share information about the film on your blog and social media.

I look forward to seeing this documentary and learning more about what military family caregivers experience.


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