Dad’s naturalization record

As part of my research for this blog, I’ve been spending some time on, building out the family tree and looking for any documents I can find relating to my family. I did stumble upon my dad’s naturalization record. It doesn’t reveal much, though it does finally solve a family mystery of sorts.

Dad’s birth year was 1932. That’s what it said on his driver’s license and other official documents. But Dad would insist he was born in 1933. My mom and I never understood this little white lie. If you are going to fib about your age, wouldn’t you go ahead and shave at least 5 years off? What difference does a year make in the scheme of things?

The naturalization record says April 10, 1932 so case closed. Sorry, Dad.

I was curious about the address listed as my dad’s residence on the document. It turns out to be a very interesting place. More about that tomorrow.


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