The surprise at being called a caregiver

When Mom took care of Dad at home those first few years he had dementia, I don’t think Mom considered herself a caregiver. She was simply being the dutiful, loyal wife, taking care of her husband of almost 40 years. It was automatic, no title necessary.

I feel the same way now. I’m just a daughter taking care of her mother in need. I guess since I quit my job to take care of Mom, if someone asked me what I do for a living, I might say “family caregiver” since I’m living off of Mom for now. 🙂

So today it was odd when I received a discount for being a caregiver. It’s nice to know that caregivers are recognized in this local community (even if was just a dollar or two of savings.)

So yeah, I guess I am a caregiver. It still sounds odd, but I guess I will grow into the title.

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