My collection of caregiving essays is now available

I’m excited to announce that The Reluctant Caregiver, my collection of caregiving essays, has been published and is available on Amazon and most digital bookstore platforms. It will be available as a paperback soon.

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Those of you who have followed The Memories Project for awhile know that I’ve been talking about publishing such a book for quite some time. It was very satisfying to hit the publish button.

I hope you’ll consider reading the collection, and telling others about it. Do keep in mind that the book presents a nontraditional perspective on family caregiving, and does contain some profanity. There are some graphic details about caregiving included in the essays, but also some humorous moments.

I think many caregivers will be able to relate to the roller coaster of emotions that accompanies any caregiving journey. I try to capture the good days and the bad days, the inspirational moments and those trying times that have sparked my interest in being a caregiver advocate. My ultimate goal is to reassure those caregivers who may be struggling, and to encourage caregivers to reach out if they need help.

Where to buy The Reluctant Caregiver:


Other digital bookstores (including iBooks):

I’m available as a guest blogger and if you are promoting a book yourself, please reach out to me for cross-promotion opportunities.

Thanks for your support of The Memories Project. The feedback I’ve received from the blog and the connections I’ve made have helped turn The Reluctant Caregiver project into a reality.


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6 responses to “My collection of caregiving essays is now available

  1. Congratulations, Joy! What a wonderful idea to help others with your book. I self-published a book in the 90’s with poetry and essays about infertility, and had great feedback from people who felt understood. Caregivers definitely will not feel alone anymore once they read your book.

    I would be happy to have you guest post on my blog. Unfortunately, after tomorrow, I won’t be available for likely the rest of the this month. I like to be around to get the post drafted in my queue and then respond to commenters. If you’re interested in doing a guest post in October, I’d be pleased to have you. We could do it the first Tuesday of that month.

    Good luck with the book.

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