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Another Black Friday in the hospital

Another Black Friday, another parent in the hospital.

What a way to spend a holiday weekend.

The roller coaster of emotions is almost unbearable.

The good news is that we are going home. But what we don’t know is if the issue is truly resolved, and what tomorrow will bring.

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Dad ruins Mom’s first Mother’s Day

With it being Mother’s Day, I was thinking about how my mom told me her first Mother’s Day turned out. It didn’t involve flowers or a nice brunch.

Dad was in the hospital.

Mom spent her first Mother’s Day lugging a cranky baby down the street to Kaiser Permanente hospital, where my dad was recovering from foot surgery. I’ve written before about my dad’s flat feet. At some point, he ended up with a very painful infection and had to have surgery to remedy the problem. He ended up with some post-surgery complications and was in a lot of pain. So Mom spent her first Mother’s Day visiting a loopy Dad, who was on some strong pain meds by then.

Despite the many hospital visits over the last couple of years of Dad’s life, he stayed in pretty good health after he recovered from the foot surgery. There were those occasional ER trips because of his stomach issues, but no inpatient stays until the dementia had taken its toll on his body.

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