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Things to think about when you get older

After seeing Mom today at the nursing home here in Roswell, I was waiting for the bus which was running late as usual. An elderly lady came up and set down with me. She would peer over her book periodically to see if the bus was coming. Finally, she sighed and said, “Well I was going to catch a movie today but now I’m not going to make it.” She wished me a nice day and shuffled back down the sidewalk. It was 100 degrees outside.

Sure, she could have called for a cab but they are really pricey in this town.

It’s too bad that a town with such a large elderly population doesn’t have a better transit system. Even the small town my parents retired to has a more reliable, door-to-door shuttle that only costs $1 each way. Each year, the transit system there has to fight to keep their government funding, because local politicians don’t want to throw a few dollars their way. It’s a clean, reliable service and is a lot cheaper than the town’s cab service. There’s also a sizeable elderly population and a lot of tourists.

Anyways, the poor old lady who just wanted to see a movie made me think about how important it is to think about things like transit options as you grow older. Luckily, my parents had options when Dad had to give up driving due to his dementia. It’s important to have these resources so that you can still get out and enjoy yourself, even if it’s just a trip to a movie theatre or local restaurant.

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