The Memories Project on its one year anniversary

I can’t believe that I have been blogging for The Memories Project for one whole year now. I stuck to my personal goal of a blog post each day for one year, and despite the many challenges of this year, I was successful! Certainly not all the posts are award-worthy, but just the act of writing every day was quite beneficial for me. It allowed me to express some of my grief, and also kept me disciplined as a writer.

I’ve learned a great deal about Alzheimer’s and dementia over the past year. I’ve read many articles about medical studies and new treatments which offer some hope. I’ve also read many heartbreaking personal stories, from caregivers and family members who have had Alzheimer’s touch their lives. There are so many brave souls out there, who behind closed doors, deal with the demons that dementia can unleash. For many, their struggles go on silently, with no outside help.

The last photo of Dad and I together, July 2011.

The last photo of Dad and I together, July 2011.

One of my reasons for beginning The Memories Project was to showcase both the horrific and the tender moments that Alzheimer’s can create. I wanted to be a voice for others who were too overwhelmed with caring for a loved one with dementia at the moment, by sharing my own story.

The biggest reward of doing the blog has been all of the wonderful fellow bloggers I have met online. I have smiled and shed tears after reading the posts from Alzheimer’s family caregivers. While every experience is unique, there are some common issues that many of us deal with.

Now that I have spent a year telling my father’s story through my memories of him, this year, I want to turn my spotlight on to others who are dealing with Alzheimer’s in their families. So The Memories Project will continue, as I turn my attention to Alzheimer’s advocacy.

Thanks to the loyal core of readers who have joined my on this blogging journey over the past year. I so appreciate your kind comments and support.


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  1. Joy – I wanted you to know that I nominated your blog for a “Liebster Blog” award. Here is the link:

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